Kingdom Life Leadership Ministries, Int.

Preparing Oaks of Righteousness, The planting of the Lord that He might be Glorified ~Isaiah 61:3

Core Values

We are devoted to God and His Word adhering to its requirements while applying its principles and thereby becoming doers of the Word, not hearers only. (Jam 1:18)

We are Christ-Centered in our approach. We believe that the discovery of Christ within is the primary focus for every disciple. Every believer needs to develop their personal understanding as to who lives within them.

We are committed to the biblical model of Discipleship (as Jesus taught His disciples). We believe that this is the only means of conformity into the image and likeness of Christ made possible to fallen mankind. Without a clear understanding of Christ's discipleship model confomity into His image is not attainable for any believer.

We passionately pursue excellence in all things concerning the Work of God. We believe Jesus only gave responsibility to the disciples because He knew only a disciple can excel in something. Disciples are disciplined, punctual, manageable and orderly in all that they do concernng God's work.

We choose the Crucified life to prohibit self from contaminating God’s Work. We believe that whatever is done for the work of God must be done SELF-LESS-LY. We acknowledge that God's Grace is the means through which He operates through His Children to accomplish His will and purpose.

We value being in one accord in service to the KING. We believe in staying unified in our efforts while maintaining one clear/single focus. No one is an island unto themselves while serving in the kingdom.

We are committed to furthering/extending God’s Kingdom on earth. We believe in preparing future generations, building dynamic relationships, equipping disciples and releasing them into their proper place for effective service.

We are committed to the finished work of the Cross for everyday living. We believe every disciple has a daily cross to carry throughout their life here on earth. This is a death that the disciple willingly yields to daily as we identify with Christ in death. Without a daily death, the new life in Christ is not possible for sustained and consistent victory.

We are committed to covering our Leaders and Members in prayer. We believe that our “giving ourselves continually to prayer” is the primary ministry of every disciple and not specifically to intercessors. We strongly believe that our service for Him should never supersede spending time with Him. (1Tim 2:1-2)