Kingdom Life Leadership Ministries, Int.

Preparing Oaks of Righteousness, The planting of the Lord that He might be Glorified ~Isaiah 61:3

Who We Are

We are Kingdom Life Leadership Ministries with International extensions into Canada, Belize and Nigeria. We are a Leadership Church committed to Discipleship and Disciple-making that’s primarily based on Jesus’ model with His disciples and the early church fathers. We are scriptural-based and believe that God has primarily revealed Himself through the Word of God/the Bible. We believe that the Word of God is God’s comprehensive equipment for changing lives and preparing people to live in eternity with Him. Although we function as a local body of believers, we’re not the traditional Sunday service-oriented Church where the primary push is the Sunday morning gathering. We’re more instruction-oriented in that we understand that there are various exposures that accelerate the learning process of listeners. Our goal is to heighten those exposures, to bring principle/scriptural-based instruction into the practical applications of everyday living. We believe that what’s missing in the traditional Church is: 'Living out what you learn'. Kingdom Life Leadership strives to grow and produce people that can lead in every facet of life while not being ashamed of the Kingdom of God that gave them the opportunity. We highlight the Leadership aspect of our Church fellowship because our emphasis is for God’s people to understand that leadership is possible for everyone in every spectrum of life. We’re committed to training believers in Christ to embrace the process of discipleship as a means of bringing conformity into the likeness of Jesus Christ. It's a lifelong process but the joy is the journey itself.


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